Missionary to Japan

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This is Mike Ackerman who spent several months working at our church and is currently working and serving in Japan. Japan is less than 1% Christian and he has already learned the language and is back trying to raise some support. I want you to know, that if you are looking for a way to help make a difference in the world, you could do it by simply supporting his ministry.

His website is www.msgf.com and stands for Mustard Seed Global Fellowship. I have been to the city that he working in (it’s the size of Chicago) and there are in need of YOUR HELP. Please do some research and pray about what you could do to help him and his team. You can be on the front lines by giving and praying for his work.

I am always IMPRESSED when I meet people like Mike and his wife Erin who are willing to leave the comforts of America and travel to a part of the world that is NIGHT and DAY different all for the sake of the Gospel. I wish I had such faith.



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