Marvelous Mollie

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This is Mollie Chou. She is about as cute as they come, wouldn’t you agree?

She was born 6 weeks ago at 4 lbs., 10 oz. Today she is a whopping 7 lbs., healthy, adorable and wonderfully cared for by her parents, Eric and Katty Chou.

I met Katty at the post office and ended up performing her marriage ceremony in March of 2006. Eric is a heart surgeon and Katty serves as a medical personnel for a college. They both love the Lord dearly and have hopes and aspirations to raise little Mollie in the love and instruction of the Lord.

It is our prayer that through this little girl, God would make His love known to all.

Please keep little Mollie in your prayers, and lift Eric and Katty before the Lord that God might give them daily wisdom in the raising of this child.

My only concern for these proud parents are that they are a little confused about wanting this child to go to Pepperdine. Go Bruins!!!



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