Loving those who serve!

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Week after week, at Shepherd of the Hills Church, we hand out over 5 to 6000 bulletins. Someone has to stuff them with the inserts and sermon outlines every week. Most people come to church and grab a bulletin not knowing of the tremendous amount of work needed to provide such bulletins.

Today I was upstairs studying for the sermon this weekend. We are actually starting a new series called “God Has An App For That” based on my new book. So after studying I walked down the hallway to look at the 33 beautiful people that had volunteered their time without fanfare. I had to take their picture and show it to you.
They were a well organized machine working without interruption until I showed up, of course.
Please take a moment and the thank the Lord for all those who serve and volunteer their time in churches across America. And then ask the Lord where he would have you to serve.
If they kept track of the number of bulletins stuffed each week in churches around the world, I’m sure it would outnumber the billions of hamburgers served around the world at McDonald’s. Do you agree?



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