Looking back over 2006

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It’s been a remarkable year at Shepherd of the Hills Church.

Where do I begin?

First and foremost our theme for the year…HOUSE OF PRAYER.

I look back over all the sermons, the Pillars of Prayer, the Church having daily devotions going through the book… “Romancing Royalty”, and who could NOT put at the top of their list the “Day of Prayer” where over 1000 people gathered at the church and spent the entire day in worship and prayer. Truly an amazing day that I will never forget and in my opinion the greatest day of my Christian Life.

And a close second would be the Beach Baptisms where over 200 people were baptized into Christ. There is a video we showed regarding the beach baptisms on October 30th, 2006. (Just go to that date on our blog and you can view the video.)

Next would be our two new Church plants, Chris Stevens at “Come as you are Church” and our grand opening of our Westside Campus. http://www.mywestsidechurch.com/

And I was told tonight that during 2006, we’ve had 654 Baptisms, which is another banner year for us. Looking back we have had a remarkable year and I just want to thank the LORD GOD for His blessing and I want to thank EACH of YOU for your willingness to be used of God.

One of the pictures above are of the four pillars that are standing tall in the foyer of our church and the other picture was a creation and gift of my dear friend Bob Hastings. Bob works for Salem Communications, does some sales work for KKLA and his wife is the Administrative Assistant for Lloyd Ogilvie. Bob took this picture at our “Beach Baptism” day and then super imposed the “Declaration of Satan” that we used in a sermon recently. Mr. Hastings is always trying to encourage me in one way or another and this picture actually sent chills up my spine.

Bob, Thank You for your gift that will always help remind me of what an incredible year we’ve had here at Shepherd. Every year I say the same thing that I’m about to say right now. “I can’t imagine how next year can be as good as this past year has been.” And yet EVERY YEAR Gods blessings go BEYOND my imaginations.

Looking forward to sharing with you the Plans for 2007 on the weekend of the 7th.



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