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January 11, 2007

Dear Dudley,

I had my Life Group meeting yesterday, and one of our guys came in so excited to tell us what happened to his friend earlier in the week. I will try to not make this long but it’s a great story. Hi name is Rich, and he is new to the whole Life Group thing. He absolutely loves it and tells us that all his friends notice a difference in him.

Rich has a friend named Rhonda who goes to another church but he has started giving her CD’s of your sermons. She found out that she had to go and have a biopsy and she was really nervous and scared. Rich gave her some more CDs to listen to. She decided to bring one and play it on her portable CD player while going through the procedure. Rhonda was on the table and the doctors were going to begin the procedure. Rhonda started to put her earplugs in and they asked her, “What are you going to listen to?” She said “A sermon that my friend gave me.” Then the doctor said, “Well give it to me and we will play it out loud,” so she did.

The procedure went fine and after it was done the doctors and nurses wanted to know what church the sermon was from and who was speaking. She told them, “Shepherd of the Hills Church and it’s Dudley Rutherford.” They really enjoyed it and told her they were going to check out the church. This was done at Kaiser Permanente in Panorama City.

I thought it was a very cool story and I hope you enjoy it,



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