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Dear Pastor Dudley,
I want to thank you for the blessing of being part of the Baptism at the Beach. Even though I live in Colorado, I have been so blessed by Shepherd of the Hills church. My friend attends Shepherd, and while visiting her four years ago she brought me to a service. Since then, I have felt a connection with Shepherd of the Hills. I watch the services online, she sends me copies of the CD’s, and I can’t tell you how this has helped turn me around.

In 1996 I was in a terrible place with depression and suicide. A friend took me to church here in Denver and I gave my life to Christ. I had a bad experience at that church, and once I left I felt so confused about the Lord and what was right or wrong. I fell away for many years, and then I met my friend who attends Shepherd of the Hills. I was back in my dark depression, was cutting myself, and felt broken. She was baptized at Shepherd one night and I watched her go through a transformation of her own. Seeing her love for the Lord was so inspiring to me that I gave my life back to Christ, and found a church here at home. I no longer think of cutting myself or experience dark depression. Now I know that I am a good, worthy person and that Jesus loves me. I attribute a lot of this to my friend reaching out to me with CD’s and messages from Shepherd.

I feel drawn to Shepherd of the Hills and wish I lived close enough to attend. Unfortunately I don’t, so I will continue to watch on the internet, and be blessed by your teachings. I flew out to California on the weekend of the Baptism at the Beach event, and was baptized by you. It was a rededication for me and a commitment I am ready to make and keep. So thank you Pastor Dudley, for being the blessing you are to so many.


Blessed in Colorado



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