Kerri and her Dad

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It’s been a while since I’ve posted. I have been soooooooooooo busy, and things are getting even more hectic… Just wanted to mention that I’ve enjoyed preaching through the ten commandments and have heard so many good comments about the series so far. There is a biblical truth that the word of God never returns void, and that is certainly the case during this series.

This next week, my family will be attending the North American Christian Convention in Kansas City, where I am involved in many different things. I’m hoping to write several posts this week from Kansas City. In the past two years, I have served in the capacity of planning this year’s convention. The focus of the ’07 convention is church planting, and we are hoping that thousands catch the vision of planting and birthing new churches.

Please pray for my family as we travel, that God would be with us and that the Convention would be blessed.

Check back for more updates.

Looking forward to preaching this weekend and the next service here at Shepherd. I hope to see you here…

In love




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