Joshua Weaver

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Many of you have asked about our good friend, Joshua Weaver. Joshua is a dear man of God, who at one time was our lead worship pastor here at Shepherd of the Hills Church. He has battled cancer and other health issues, and continues to fight on. I recently went over to his home and watched one of the Laker playoff games. I’m not sure, but Joshua might be the number one Laker fan in Los Angeles. It was an honor to spend some time with Joshua because of his sweet spirit and his love for the Lord.

Those of you who are new to our church have missed the incredible gift of worship leading that Joshua brings to the table. He came to our church during a critical time and carried the mantle of leadership with class and dignity. His mark remains in our church because the standard to lead and sing carries with it a high responsibility, and he instilled this standard into our worship teams. Joshua continues to be a man of God, and although he is not currently leading any of our worship services, we are praying that one day in the future, God will restore his health fully and completely.

I want you to know that Joshua has completely conquered the cancer that once had its grip on him, and because of that, we REJOICE. He does, however, continue to have other health issues, and I hope you will join me in praying for him. Joshua has the most positive spirit, and we are convinced that God has great plans for him during the next years of his life. Even though there are a few hurdles, Joshua KNOWS that all things work for the GOOD for those who love the Lord.

Please continue to lift up this MAN of GOD in your prayers, and if you’ve never heard him lead worship, you can pick up his C.D. entitled, “We Come to Praise Him,” at the Praises bookstore.
You will then understand the incredible gift of music that God has placed within him, and you will understand my statement when I tell you… you don’t know what you’re missing… by not knowing this dear brother in the Lord.

Joshua….. we love you……



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