Jesus Take the Wheel.. Now

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Ever felt like things are OUT of control in your life? I love this song about letting Jesus take the wheel. A good word of wisdom is to NOT WAIT until things are spinning out of control, but let Jesus take the wheel TODAY. No need to worry if HE is driving your life. It’s actually the safest way to live. It will require a step of faith, letting go and letting GOD take over, but it will be the wisest thing you ever did, surrendering control to the Lord.

I wonder if you can find rest in knowing that HE truly knows what’s in YOUR BEST INTEREST.
You would think that WE know what’s best for us, but in reality we are blinded by our good intentions. The Lord, who knows and sees all, is the only one that can see the big picture.
Walk in faith, truly trusting in His plan and His will for your life.

The video is my daughter singing this past weekend before I preached. It’s a good song with some really good thoughts.

Be blessed,



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