Jacksonville, Florida

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Dennis Bratton inside his Church in Jacksonville

It’s been a whirlwind of a week. I had to make a quick trip to Jacksonville, Florida for a funeral. A dear friend of mine, Damon Davis’, father passed away at the age of 57. Damon’s father, Ray, was probably the main person in America who has helped many ministers in the development of their T.V. ministries, and he has helped literally millions and millions of people find a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

I met Damon through one of our church members. He and I have a kindred spirit, and he was very thankful that I was able to attend his father’s funeral. Damon, please know that I love you and I will continue to lift you up before our Lord. May He comfort you during this difficult time.

I then visited with a dear preacher friend of mine named Dennis Bratton. Dennis is the Sr. Pastor of Christ Church of Jacksonville, and he gave me a tour through his facilities. One of the strongest elements of this church is their love for missions and outreach. Normally on a Sunday, this church runs over 4,100 in attendance, and there is a constant longing for worldwide evangelism. I do NOT know many preachers who have done as good a job as Dennis.

Tomorrow morning, I will board a non-stop flight for LAX, and Lord willing, I’ll see each of you this weekend in church.

This trip was very difficult to squeeze into my schedule, but I believe it was important for many reasons… The most important was to encourage my friend Damon. Please keep him in your prayers….

In love,

Pastor Dudley



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