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What I’ve learned so far about having a book published is that the marketing is primarily left up to you as an author. In that process, we need to promote and get the word out ourselves because book publishers are hurting, primarily due to technology. They have told me that there use to be 4000 book stores and now there are around 1500. So, please forgive me for post and pictures of our new book “God Has An App For That”.

And just so you know…. No one is getting rich on this book. That is almost impossible. In fact the proceeds from the books I’m selling on our campus is going towards the new building. I love that, but I love more the fact that this book was written to help people discover the wisdom in the word of God. That no matter what you are going through that God has an APPLICATION from his WORD that will help you.
Because THAT Is the goal we will continue to promote and market this book. Hope you come on board with that goal and join us. The above picture was sent to me from a friend who saw it at a Barnes and Noble. If you see it or can take a picture of yourself with the book we will post it as well.
We would love for you to go to the facebook page “God Has An App For That” and LIKE it!
We would love for you to send us funny or unique pictures with you and the book.
We would love for you to post a positive review on or
We would love for you to blog about the book.
We would love for you to go into different bookstores and ask if they have the book.
We would love for you to help promote the book and the website
Blessings to you…
Keep praying that the book falls into the hands that need to find the Lord and his answers.
You can join the team in promoting this book and leading others to wanting to read the Bible.
Dudley Rutherford



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