It Makes Zero Sense. Sheen, Sin, Oil and the Moon.

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I don’t understand why every time I wash my car it rains. i.m.z.s.

I don’t understand why the United States of America would rather be dependent upon oil from the Middle East, which is a ticking time bomb, than drill for oil in our own country and have cheaper gas. i.m.z.s..

I don’t understand how we can put a man on the moon yet I can’t seem to find a garage door opener that works. i.m.z.s.

I don’t understand how politicians, on both sides of the aisle, got our nation into 14.5 trillion dollars worth of debt and continue to keep their jobs. i.m.z.s.

I don’t understand how Charlie Sheen has 1.5 million followers on Twitter, in a few days, for being a lunatic and I have 1000 followers after 6 months and have a good head on my shoulders. i.m.z.s.

I can’t understand why every pro-choice person wouldn’t “pay it forward” for their parent’s choice, to NOT terminate your life. It just seems if someone CHOOSE NOT to abort YOU, that after you have enjoyed life, you would want others to have the same right to experience what you have experienced. i.m.z.s.

I can’t figure out how the spotted owl has more protection and more rights than a child within his/her mother’s womb. i.m.z.s.

It doesn’t make any sense to me that artist, writers and musicians wouldn’t want to use their gifts, ever day, to simply bring honor to God by creating music that is “heavenly” and not “worldly” i.m.z.s.

It makes ZERO sense, why any adult, would hurt any child, in any way knowing that Jesus said “It would be better for you to have a millstone tied around your neck and be thrown to the depths of the sea, than for someone to hurt a child.” i.m.z.s.

I don’t understand why going to a football game, which last 3 hours long and cost hundreds of dollars while sitting next to some guys that drink till they’re drunk is not a sacrifice, yet going to church for an hour and bringing an offering to God and sitting next to people of faith, preparing for heaven seems like a most painful experience. i.m.z.s.

It seems a tad bit strange that we would cry over a movie that is all smoke and mirrors (acting and Hollywood) and yet not shed a tear over the millions that are lost and who do NOT know Jesus as their Lord and Savior. i.m.z.s.

I will never understand how God desires to love you and forgive you of all of your sins and take you to eternity to live with him forever, yet most would rather remain locked in their sin and have choosen to reject his love and provision (John 3:16) and spend an eternity is hell. I.M.Z.S.

I can’t figure out why any person, for any reason, would every say no to Jesus. I.M.Z.S.

Will you say YES?



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