Is Jesus the Messiah? You tell me!

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I looked up some of the 300 prophesies that Jesus fulfilled, which prove He is the Messiah. But all the facts in the world won’t cause a person to believe. It might lead you to faith and it might open up your heart to the possibility of faith, but faith is when you trust in Jesus fully and completely even when you don’t have all the facts.

To me, examining fulfilled prophecy is similar to the “doubting Disciple” Thomas requested to see the nail-marked hands of Jesus before he would believe. Thomas needed to see for himself, and Jesus provides this opportunity for him in John 20:24-31.

Jesus provides that SAME opportunity for us through studying the Scriptures within the Word of God. I hope and pray that you will at least take a look at some of these verses in the Bible, search for yourself, and decide whether or not Jesus is the Son of the Living God.

I am praying that these fulfilled prophesies will cause you to fully trust in Jesus as the Messiah. May your heart cry out and cause you to say “I believe… I believe.”

His pre-existence – Micah 5:2 John 1:1, 14

Born of the seed of a woman – Genesis 3:15 Matthew 1:18

Of the seed of Abraham – Genesis 12:3 Matthew 1:1-16

All nations blessed by Abraham’s seed – Genesis 12:3 Matthew 8:5, 10

God would provide Himself a Lamb as an offering – Genesis 22:8 John 1:29

From the tribe of Judah – Genesis 49:10 Matthew 1:1-3

Heir to the throne of David – Isaiah 9:6-7 Matthew 1:1

Called “The mighty God, The everlasting Father” – Isaiah 9:6 Matthew 1:23

Born in Bethlehem – Micah 5:2 Matthew 2:1

Born of a virgin – Isaiah 7:14 Matthew 1:18

His name called Immanuel, “God with us” – Isaiah 7:14 Matthew 1:23

Declared to be the Son of God – Psalm 2:7 Matthew 3:17

His messenger before Him in spirit of Elijah – Malachi 4:5-6 Luke 1:17

Preceded by a messenger to prepare His way – Malachi 3:1 Matthew 11:7-11

Messenger crying “Prepare ye the way of the Lord” – Isaiah 40:3 Matthew 3:3

Would be a Prophet of the children of Israel – Deuteronomy 18:15 Matthew 2:15

Called out of Egypt – Hosea 11:1 Matthew 2:15

Slaughter of the children – Jeremiah 31:15 Matthew2:18

Would be a Nazarene – Judges 13:5; Amos 2:11; Lam. 4:7 Matthew 2:23

Brought light to Zabulon & Nephthalm, Galilee of the Gentiles – Isaiah 9:1-2 Matthew 4:15

This weekend in church ( or we will be looking at one more prophecy that Jesus fulfilled. It’s simple but powerful.

Pastor Dudley



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