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I’m just asking. I’ve asked before. I will ask again. 🙂 We need folks on Sunday mornings to make the switch to Saturday evening 5 or 6:30…. And we need folks on the main campus to come over and help us at the Westside campus. Until we get a new building built we need to provide more room on Sunday morning as well as free up some parking spaces.

Why do we need you to do that?

Because most visitors show up on Sunday morning, and we want to help them get in and find a place to sit. I know that most of you are VERY comfortable attending the service you attend, but I would like to ask you to make the switch to help those who are unchurched and unsaved. I want to express to EVERYONE my APPRECIATION for watching the sermon on video each week. Did you know that we have 16 venues each weekend? Eight of the 16 venues are on video and close to 2000 people are attending a video venue. Most of you still realize that the main thing is that we come to church to worship God and it really doesn’t matter if the message is on video or live because the word of God does NOT come back void. Shepherd is KNOWN for it’s flexibility and willingness to sacrifice in order for the lost to be saved. Thank you and please know it’s an honor to be your Pastor.



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