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The N.B.A. is up and running. I can’t really explain it to you but I love the game of basketball. It’s fun. It’s fast. It good for you to get out and run up and down the court. It requires teamwork to be successful. And there are always those who do NOT want you to be successful. In fact, there are some who actually want you to lose. Yet, when you win, even though it’s just a game, there is a certain satisfaction that you have knowing that you’ve done your best and have overcome all obstacles. All of the above statements could be true as it relates to serving in the Church. It’s fun. It’s fast. It’s good for us to be involved. It takes teamwork to be successful and there are always those who are against you. Yet, when you overcome, you have this feeling of joy knowing that you stood up against those who oppose the work of the Lord. Having said all that… jump on in. Get involved. Join your church. Serve the body of Christ. Become a part of the TEAM. We’ve got a great Head Coach and he’ll ultimately help us win. It won’t be boring. And it’s always better to be IN THE GAME than watching from the sidelines. And all God’s people said???? AMEN



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