Howie Dudley Mandel

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Howie Dudley Mandel
Pastor Models in the background
Four Volunteers that wanted their picture with the real Howie…

I HATE showing you this picture.. but many people have asked me to post a picture of our event for our volunteer banquet. We acted out the game show “Deal or NO Deal” and I was selected to play the part of game show host Howie Mandel… All the pastors dressed up with their cute bow ties and numbered cases as we proceded to give $1.00 away to unlucky Margo Ugalde and of course $1,000,000.00 dollars to quite and shy Lori Padilla.

For all who were present it was a fun evening where we were able to show our appreciation to all of our volunteers.

Our church is so blessed with people who eagerly and frequently step up to the plate to serve and lend a hand at a moments notice.

I want to thank EACH of you for using your gift to honor the Lord and I only hope that you fully understand how appreciative we are of YOU.

In love,




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