Happy Birthday KAYLA RAE

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I am in a state of SHOCK… My firstborn child turned 20 years old yesterday… Am I getting old or what??? The good side of all this is that Renee and I are blessed with three awesome children.
Kayla happens to be the oldest. She attends Hope International University, which is across the street from Cal State Fullerton. Her love is for the Lord and I know that one day she will be in the ministry serving the Lord… perhaps even here at the Shepherd 🙂

I’ve told Kayla from day one, “Be Humble not Hyper.” The reason I tell her this is because she is the most energetic person I know (besides the person I look at in the mirror each day). She loves life and she loves the Lord. Her spirit is contagious and she leads her school, her team, her friends and her peers to a closer walk with Jesus. If you ever get the chance to spend some time with her, you would know what I was talking about.

Ohhhhhhhh yes, you didn’t think I would forget to tell you, did you? She also is the starting point guard for the basketball team. Now, this blog is complete…hehahahehahahahe !



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