Happy 75th Birthday DAD

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Mom, Pops and Merri Kerri at CPK…..
3 generations of extremely beautiful women!
In just a few days… on August the 3rd, my father will turn 75 years of age. As someone who has idolized my father from day one, it’s difficult to imagine that Pops can be 3/4 of a century young. Yes, I said young! For you see… in earthly terms, we see things from an earthly perspective. Yet from an ETERNAL viewpoint, 75 years is shorter than a blink of an eye. My dad is YOUNG in comparison to how long we will live in Heaven.

Recently, my mom and dad came down to L.A. from Fresno to perform a wedding and stopped by for a brief visit. We went to CPK… and I took a couple of pictures of Mom and Dad… Renee and Kerri… (Renee does NOT like to have her picture taken… so PLEASE don’t tell her that I posted her picture on the blog)

I’m going to do something I probably shouldn’t do… but I would like to invite you to send my dad a birthday card… I mean after all, how often do you get a chance to tell my dad “Happy 75th?”

Dad… Happy Birthday… I’m planning on coming to visit you on YOUR day… I have a special gift…. you’re going to like it… Can’t wait to see you… hug you… love you… and hand you your special gift… (remind me, and I might post what the gift is…. and yes it looks quite simple… but it’s a unique gift…hahahahahaha)

Dad… We love YOU… and Happy 75th!!!


H. Dean Rutherford
Northside Christian Church
2709 E. Nees Ave.
Clovis, CA 93611



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