Grandpa and Bullfrogs

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My cousin, Jimmy, posted the above picture. This might look like just a bunch of bullfrogs, but to me, it’s much much more. My grandfather, Grandpa Jim, died when I was about 4 years of age, and I never got to really know him. He was a powerful preacher and church builder back in the days of the Great Depression. When my cousin posted this picture, he noted that my grandfather is on the far right. My Aunt Ann, who recently passed away, is in the lower right hand corner. My grandmother, Millie, is third from the left. And… DRUM ROLL PLEASE… my dad is the smallest child on the bottom of the picture in a white t-shirt. Hahahahahahahahahahahaaha… And his brother, James, is the other boy standing next to dad.
I know that most of you will probably now have a much lower opinion of where I came from, but hopefully you won’t hold it against me.
If you click ON THE PHOTO… You will be able to take a closer look at both my family and the frogs. My cousin, Jimmy, told me that the reason they all look unhappy is that it was EARLY in the morning and that someone had been froggin’ all night long and woke everyone up just to take this picture.
I really have NO point to this story except to show you this CRAZY picture. And one day soon… In heaven… I will get to ask my Grandparents MORE about this picture and the kid in the white t-shirt.



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