God Has An App For That!

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For those who are wondering what they would glean from reading the book, God Has An App For That!, which was released this month, I wanted to explain WHY this book was written.

There are millions of people living in America with no moral absolute. We have bought in completely to the idea that we can live our lives as we please… that we need not worry about anything except what makes us feel good. We have taken God out of the equation of humanity, and we have walked down alleys and roads that lead to depression and unfulfilled lives, not realizing that God’s Word has the answers to some of our most difficult issues.
Once we find ourselves burdened by the cares of this world–which often is a result of a life lived in vain–we turn to everything BUT God to help soothe our broken hearts. We will try masking our pain with drugs or alcohol. We will use sex in hopes that momentary pleasure will bring lasting peace. We will spend enormous amounts of time involved in hobbies and recreation to busy ourselves in an attempt to distract ourselves from our problems. We might turn to counseling or search online for a solution to life’s dilemmas, all the while NOT RECOGNIZING that God’s Word has the solution to all of life’s complex issues.
The question at hand then is HOW DO WE GET PEOPLE TO REALIZE THEY NEED TO SEARCH GOD’S WORD to find their help, comfort, wisdom and direction?
So I had this idea to write a book called, God Has An App For That!, in hopes that the title alone would pique their interest, that a little light would come on, so to speak, and that they would then want to pick up a copy and read, God Has An App For That! After reading this book, my hope is that people would reach a couple of monumental conclusions: 1.) That there IS a vast amount of wisdom and help inside the Word of God, and 2.) That they, indeed, NEED to read the Bible–and actually begin reading God’s precious word on a daily basis. We are so optimistic about that this that we’ve placed a Bible Reading Guide at the end of the book.
When a person reads God Has An App For That!, YES they will find unforgettable illustrations; YES they will find steps to upload to help them overcome some of life’s great struggles; YES they will find that the book is easy to read; YES they will laugh and be challenged; but hopefully and prayerfully they will sit down at the end of the day and say, “I need to read the Bible because there is some great wisdom and counsel that God wants to share with me.”
So, I would encourage a strong believer to read God Has an App for That! to remind them of the importance of the Word of God, and I would encourage someone who had never read the Bible to read this book in hopes that it would lead them down a more intentional spiritual path that can only be gleaned from spending time in the Bible. Hopefully, this book will lead people to that assessment and discipline.
Remember, no matter what problem or struggle you are facing, God not only loves you, but he has provided the answers to all of life’s most difficult issues. God Has An App For That! will lead you to those answers. Check out the website: http://www.godhasanapp.com/ to order your copy today and spread the word concerning this exciting new book.



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