Francis CHAN Man

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I love Francis Chan!!! We recently had a little lunch across the street from the church and whenever we get together, we spend half the time laughing and the other half just sharing what God is doing in our churches.

Francis never ceases to amazing me because it’s like God is ALWAYS moving and stretching him to SHAKE up the Kingdom of God. Francis travels all over the world preaching and teaching and has recently written a book called CRAZY LOVE.

It’s a good read and will give you insight into the love of God. He preaches in Simi Valley on weekends and that little hair on his chin just keeps getting longer and longer… hahahahahahahaha

Francis is a Godly man, a dear friend and one day he WILL learn how to hit a golf ball. If you ever get a chance… Go hear him speak and get ready for GOD to SHAKE YOU like a palm tree blowing in the Porter Ranch wind.



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