Fishing and Temptation

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In our series at church called “God Has An App For That” we just finished week number three, talking about “overcoming temptation”. In this blog I will post a five minute video clip from that message. This video discusses NOT blaming God for our temptations. And of course if you want to know the number one tool, to help overcome temptation, it’s simply reading and studying the word of God.

A great study is to read Psalm 119 and then list on a sheet a paper the number of blessings that result from reading and knowing God’s word. If you do a diligent study and list all the blessings of Psalm 119, you would then understand the value and victory that comes from spending time in the greatest book ever written.
So, either start today and immerse yourself in the word or get ready to fail to the temptations that Satan throws your way.
I’ll be praying you make the wise choice!
Go to to see the rest of the lessons.



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