Fishers of Men

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Pastor Tim and I made it home safe and sound, and we truly had one of the best times ever. We were actually able to go fishing one morning for four hours. We were on the Rogue River in Oregon, and our guide’s name is Allen Metcalf.

Tim caught the first fish…. but he held it like a banjo. This picture still makes me chuckle… Then the Lord blessed me with a large King Salmon. We were going to put it back in the river, but the guide has two widows that he provides fish to, and so the fish you see in the picture above was given to one of those two widows. That was fun knowing that we had helped someone.

I always think of the time when Jesus called the disciples to be FISHERS of MEN. We spend so much effort, and think nothing of it, on catching fish… But will we spend as much effort and time reaching LOST souls for Jesus? I hope so… I would hope that we would seek and save the lost MORE than anything else we do.

One more bit of information…. Ask Timbo what he did with the flashlight and the fish…. I’ll never tell…..



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