Fires of Revival

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After taking the month of August off to prepare for 2010, it is time to refocus and jump back into 2009, the year of being “Connected to the Vine.” It is always foolish NOT to have dreams and goals, and it’s even more foolish to plan and dream without submitting and acknowledging that GOD IS SOVEREIGN and LORD OF ALL OUR PLANS.

The past several weeks have been rather hectic with school starting, finishing up next year’s plans and returning to the pulpit and leading the church into our Fall Revival, which begins on October 17 and runs through October 21. With those dates just 6 weeks away, we are asking our church to immerse ourselves into asking God to move mightily in our lives and in our city. Revival is of God, yet it is crucial that God’s people place themselves into full submission to his will and allow God to work freely among his children.

The stark reminder of the fires, that have been in the news for the past 2 weeks, lead me to remember that TRUE revival can sweep across a land like fires running wildly from mountain to mountain, according to the winds that push them. The literal fires that we have witnessed continue to rage. And while I PRAY DILIGENTLY for these fires to be extinguished, I PRAY CONSTANTLY for the FIRES OF REVIVAL to SWEEP across our CHURCH and our CITY. LORD, send a REVIVAL and LET IT BEGIN IN ME.



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