Final Stretch

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Todd Clark after he just finished preaching at the NACC
Pastor Tim, myself, and Sir Dallas (my son)

Today is the last day of the North American Christian Convention in Kansas City. We have 20 staff people here, and we all missed the fireworks display back home. But today, Lord willing, we will all be returning to L.A. Last night, Todd Clark preached and did a marvelous job. As a church planter, he challenged the convention attendees to be even more aggressive in planting churches…

I also spent some time with Pastor Tim, who is going to be taking a few weeks off in the near future… He has been such a loyal, faithful friend. He is such a blessing to our church, and he often carries a lot of the pressure of our church on his shoulders. I have always stated that if Tim ever left, I’d have to hire three people to take his place. Tim, I will be praying for you as you get away for a while and recharge your batteries.

There are many more things to share, but I need to get BUSY…… the main session begins in a few minutes….

In love,




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