Easter Greetings

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We had close to 17000 in all of our services this past Easter. The tent had 8500 seats and we had two services there. Then over at the Wadsworth we had close to 700 and then all of our satelites had great crowds as well. It’s always amazing how people will come to church on this particular weekend. But the question of the ages is why won’t they come back THIS COMING SUNDAY. Well, I for one, am not going to give up on seeing that happen. I keep thinking one year that EVERY single person who attends Easter would truly turn their life over to Jesus and begin living form him EACH and EVERY day.

I want to thank the LORD for all the folks, staff and others who worked, served and gave of their time, talent and treasure. Shepherd is an amazing church and I am so honored to serve here along with you.



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