Easter at Pauley Review

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Pauley Pavillion
Head Football Coach at U.C.L.A., Karl Dorrell
Preaching on the Resurrection
Better than a basketball game
Children meeting in the Tennis Center

WOW!!! What a weekend…. I am still riding on cloud 9 as I look back over what the Lord did this past Sunday. We had close to 9,000 people gather at Pauley, with over 1,600 people watching on high definition screens at our main campus, totaling close to 11,000 in attendance.

I was moved by the spirit, the crowds, the atmosphere, the folks who served, the music, the choir, the specials, the response at the invitation, and the wonder of God moving in our midst.

There is such a sweet, sweet spirit in this church, and I am so thankful for each and every one of you who worked, invited, and served over the last few weeks to make that day a huge success.
It was quite the endeavor. In my lifetime, I will not forget preaching and watching so many respond to the invitation time, knowing that so many lives were transformed by the truth and reality of the Resurrection.

Enjoy looking at some of these pictures, but please know these pictures do not capture the magnitude of what God did this past Sunday. However, it does give us a snapshot of what can happen when people are totally sold out for Jesus and strive to make an impact in our world.

When we look back over our lives, this moment will always be at the forefront of our minds, illustrating what can happen when we work together for a greater cause. May you never forget the four truths you must understand about the story of the Resurrection.

1) That it actually Happened.
2) That it is our only Hope.
3) That this story must be Heralded.
4) That it is our only access to Heaven.

Be blessed and Maranatha!!

Pastor Dudley



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