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I am still on cloud 9 after our Resurrection services. We had close to 16,000 people in all of our venues. We had so many people come to celebrate the fact that Jesus conquered the grave 2000 years ago. The sermon was on “Proof Beyond Dispute” and the highlight was the response at the invitation hymn. I wish EVERY SUNDAY that people came to church with the same expectation as they did on Easter. Our NEW campus in Lancaster had 200 people present and David Macer is going to do an incredible job leading this work. Our next campus will be in South Central and we need to be gearing up with prayer and support. I wanted to post some pictures from Easter 08. It was sooooooooooooooooooooooo exciting and thank you to ALL THE volunteers and the many who served behind the scenes. This is the GREATEST church in America… You are an amazing group of people……



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