Domincan Republic

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Kevin Malone, former General Manager of the Los Angeles Dodgers, invited me to come to the Dominican Republic to be the morning platform speaker for about 200 baseball players. Kevin is involved with a ministry called SCORE, that travels to third world countries sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ before, during, and after conducting baseball clinics for those less fortunate. There are coaches and players involved in this ministry who come from high school teams, college teams, and professional Major League teams.

I have to tell you that my heart has been so moved and touched by the ministry of all these baseball players who have taken a week out of their life to come to the Dominican to invest in the children of this island.

Today I served on just ONE of five teams and we travel to a different village everyday.

Today we had over 300 children show up for a clinic. We literally got off the bus on a little street and walked down this narrow alley, which opened up to this large baseball field. By the way, one out of six players in professional Major League baseball come from the Dominican Republic, and now I know why. These young people have a HUNGER and a PASSION to play the game of baseball and they play it all the time.

When we arrived at our particular village today, a former coach from the University of Kentucky shared Christ, and MOST of the people there wanted Jesus to be their Savior. I handed out a baseball card that had a Christian testimony on it from Albert Pujols and then we divided up the children into stations, and I helped with the outfielders.

I have to tell you my MIND raced as I thought about the NUMBERS of people that I know that would be so blessed by doing this short term missions project. My heart broke for the poverty that I saw in the Domincan. I LONG for Jesus to bless this nation with godly leaders, and we discussed that ONE DAY, perhaps one of those children who committed their life to Jesus may lead a revival among the Dominican people.

May God burden each of out hearts to do whatever we can do to make a difference in the world.



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