Does Tim Tebow Walk on Water?

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So I am in a spinning class at the LA Fitness in Universal City when I get called out of class by a lady who says there is a phone call for me. She said that it wasn’t an emergency, but it was important. Whew, well at least I knew no one died and ran downstairs to take the call. It was one of my assistants, Shalena, who says, “Fred Roggin of NBC Sports wants to interview you about Tim Tebow.

She then explained I had to be back at the church by 8:00 PM, where they would tape the segment. I raced home, changed my clothes, and got back to the church promptly at 8:00 PM. I did NOT know the questions he would ask, but I did have an idea about the direction of the interview.

I had NO idea what the final question would be and was surprised when Fred Roggin asked the following question. He asked me, “If New England and Denver were playing a football game in a river…” Right there, I was thinking, “WHAT?!?!?! In a RIVER?!?!?!” He continued, “If they were playing in a river, WOULD TIM TEBOW WALK ON WATER?”

Watch the video to see my response!!!



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