Developing and Deploying

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We are in a sermon series about using your gifts for the Glory of God. EVERYONE has been given some type of gift. You are good at something. Wouldn’t it please the Lord if every one of us used our God given talents for the purpose of honoring God?

Not only would YOU be blessed for using your talent, but the Bible tells us in Ephesians 4:12 that the entire body of Christ would be built up. Now in my little brain, I think that building up the body of Christ would be a GOOD thing… Don’t you???

And just think about that… With the gifts and talents that God has placed within you, you are able to build up the entire body of Christ.

Unlike some things, this particular discipline is something that brings JOY into the heart of the one who practices it, and it is also able to bring JOY into the heart of the person that you are serving.

Why not put a little JOY into your heart and into the heart of God by finding a place to serve his body (church) today? He is never more pleased than when we are excitedly and exceptionally developing and deploying our talents on His behalf.



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