Dallas on ESPN2

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Dallas is playing on television Thursday night, December 6th, on ESPN2 at 6:00 pm. They are playing the number 8 ranked team in the nation, so they will have their work cut out for them. Just wanted you to know in case you wanted to see him play. The game will be held in a suburb just outside of Cleveland, Ohio so please keep them in your prayers. One of Dallas’ teammates is Jrue Holiday, and Jrue is a special player that recently signed with U.C.L.A. Jrue is also a member of our church, and the Lord put some special talents in both of these boys. My prayer for them has always been for them to find a way to use their talent for the Lord. They both went to Japan with us a few years ago on a missions trip, and I know that Dallas has been praying with the team before their games… Tune in Thursday. I will be enjoying watching my son. Look for them both to be in church this weekend…



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