Daddy’s Little Girl

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I love this picture. I took it this past summer while traveling in Portland, Oregon with my little girl, Kerri Brett Rutherford. She is ten years young and she is the apple of my eye. One of her teacher’s named her Merry Kerri because she is always in a good mood. This picture was taken in the downtown area of Portland during a flower festival. LOOK at the COLOR of those flowers. Aren’t you glad that God knew we would enjoy variety and beautiful colors? The background of these flowers only serves as a backdrop to the real beauty of my daughter. She loves the Lord with all of her heart and she told me the other day she is thinking about being the first woman President. Now THAT would be something! But whether she realizes that dream or not, my prayer for her is that she always keeps her eyes on the Lord and that she lives each day illuminating the joy and presense of God to the world around her. And in the same way those flowers brighten our day, her spirit and love for God will change the world around her.



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