Coach John Wooden

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I was blessed with a chance to visit with Coach Wooden over breakfast a few days ago. I have never known a man as wonderful and kind and wise as Coach. He is now 97 years of age and still going strong. I know that he understands that God has blessed him in so many ways. He loves his family and would do anything in the world for them. He is involved in their lives is so many ways. He loves all of the players who played for him and still is close to so many of his ex-players and coaches. He is respected around the world for his teachings and his wisdom. He has so many books that describe him and I would suggest that if you’ve never read any of them that you google for his books and you will find a wealth of wisdom. Most importantly he loves the Lord. He has lived his life simply setting an example. He still serves as a teacher, mentor and friend to so many people around the country.

Coach… I love you. It is a joy to know that you have always let your light shine for Jesus.

The Lord has indeed blessed you in so many ways and I thank you for always pointing others to Him… Thank you for always using your life to make a difference in so many other’s lives. You have selflessly served those who are in your inner circle as well as those who watch from afar. I pray that God would continue to give you good health, a quick mind and a heart that longs for heaven…

Be blessed in all you do….




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