Church Basketball

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Norm (Josh’s Dad), Todd, Dudley, Tan, Rick, Big Josh, Calvin
Just wanted to throw in a picture of the recent CHAMPIONS for the Shepherd of the Hills Basketball Summer League 2007. If you don’t recognize me, I am the old guy in the middle…. hahahahaha

Big Joshua (the TALLEST guy) is the Sports Director here at our church. He is doing an incredible job here at church by using the venue of sports to reach people for Christ. In a way, this team has become my small group.

The gentleman on the far right recently lost his 38-year-old sister to a tragic homicide just a few days ago… We gathered around Calvin and prayed for him and his family, as they struggle through these difficult days. It was, for me, the REASON why we have a sports ministry – because not everyone in the picture above is saved. But that night, after the game, everyone was standing in a circle around Calvin, as we lifted him before the Lord. There wasn’t a dry eye in the group. As I left the church that night, I prayed that those who did not yet know God would feel the burden and sorrow Calvin felt. Even more so, I prayed they would truly know, through the prayers offered up by the team, that ONLY the LORD GOD can bring comfort and strength, and that TODAY is the day of Salvation!!! Maranatha!!!



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