Carlos Whittaker “Ragamuffin Soul”

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Standing at baggage claim Sunday night at LAX, waiting for my 14-year-old daughter’s luggage, I overheard a man ask his wife, “Did you and the kids make it to church today?” And then I heard him say “Well, we will have to have church in the car then.” I thought, MY KIND OF DAD.

A man who had traveled across the country and his priority was making sure his family had a time with the Lord. We engaged in conversation while waiting for the luggage, and lo and behold I know this man’s father–a godly man named Fermin Whittaker was faithful to teach the ways of the Lord to his son, Carlos Whittaker, who I was now witnessing faithfully teaching his children the importance of worship and honor to the Lord Jesus.

I gave Carlos my card and he gave me the recently completed CD of his music called “Ragamuffin Soul.” (I came out ahead on that deal.) Well, come to find out, Carlos Whittaker is a man who travels the country leading worship and teaching people how to lead worship. I have listened to his music now several times through and this brother can lead you to God’s throne.

If you’re looking for some music that will move your soul, written and sung by a man who honestly leads his family in the ways of God, then you will be making a wise investment.

Carlos, it was a joy to meet you. Praying for your life and ministry to influence millions… And if that prayer and dream is never realized, please know that you influenced me to be a better man. And give your papa a “shout out” from Pastor Dudley and Shepherd of the Hills Church.



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