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Someone sent me this note and I thought that you might be blessed by it. Obviously it was a blessing to me. We are actually in the process of updating and creating a new look for our website. It will have many of the same functions but I just wanted to remind you that anyone in the world with internet access can view our sermons on line.

Here is the letter I recieved.

Dear Pastor Dudley,

I wanted to tell you about somthing my wife and I started only by accident. We have some close friends that Live in Stockport, England. We visited them for the first time last year. During our visit we had showed them the church site and….

To make a long story short , by us showing them the site, they are now faithful viewers of our church services @, and it doesn’t stop there.

Their home has now become somewhat of a gathering place on Sunday afternoon at 4:30 (8:30am PST) and the number of people has grown just through word of mouth sometimes and many at 10 or 12.

I am writing you to let you know how important the Streaming Video of our services has become to Gaynor Mayers, her family Tanya, Tasha and Dakota and friends that consider Shepherd their church family.

Thank you and God bless,

Isn’t that a great note? It thrills me to see how God works and moves all around the world. How about YOU???? Is there anything YOU can do to help lead others to a closer walk with Jesus? Why not start TODAY!



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