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I’m so sorry I have not written recently… I have been putting out fires… and trying to review our wonderful Easter Services… so many people have called and written to express their gratitude… and we’ve even begun working on next year’s Easter service… can you believe that????

It seems like as soon as one big event ends… another begins… something I enjoy about Shepherd is that we are always working to reach as many people as possible.

And then we’ve had the difficult story of the shootings on the college campus of Virgina Tech, and trying to make sense out of all that…. It is just a reflection of our society, where lawlessness and evil rear their ugly heads. It all speaks to our need of reaching as many people as possible for Jesus Christ.

We need to be in prayer for the people whose lives have been devasted by these shootings…. May God grant strength and comfort to those who are hurting.

The picture above is the basketball team that my son, Dallas, plays on during the summer. I was once again asked to coach, and this will be the last summer that I will have this opportunity. We are currently in Pittsburgh, and we won our first game. I truly love coaching, but most importantly, I enjoy the chance to mentor and lead these young men. Many of them will be playing Division I basketball in two years, and I hope that I will be able to instill in them a desire to use their gifts and talents for the Glory of God…

Please pray for us as we travel and play throughout the summer…




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