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It’s been a few days since I’ve posted, and I’m heading into a busy weekend, so I thought I’d buckle down and spend a little time blogging.

One of the reasons I haven’t posted is because I’ve been under the weather. I started to catch a cold and was battling it heading into this past weekend. I was just turning the corner, starting to feel better, and then preaching through all the services sent me backwards health-wise. Then when I woke up on Monday, that cold had enveloped my body. But with the Lord’s help, by Wednesday, I was a new man. PRAISE GOD!

In the past few days, I’ve been in many meetings and have been preparing this week’s sermon. It is going to be a difficult message to bring because of the heaviness of the topic. What does it REALLY mean to name Jesus as your Lord? I won’t be pulling any punches this week. The WORD will be strong this weekend. Please keep me in prayers.

Last Sunday afternoon, I was the honorary Coach for Cal State University Northridge, and my dear friend and fellow church member, HEAD COACH BOBBY BRASWELL, did a wonderful job coaching the Matadors to victory. Coach Braswell has been like a second father to my children. I’m so thankful that he is a man of God and that he allowed me to pray in the locker room after the game with his players. He is such a good role model to each of the players and oftentimes, he is the best role model any of them have ever had.

At half time I was able to coach my girls’ team, “The Suns,” in a scrimmage on that college length floor. My girls were sooooooooooooooo excited, and it is such a joy to coach them.

I just got out of a meeting with our architect, as we are meeting each Friday to try to design our new auditorium. We desperately need your prayers that God will continue to give us wisdom in the design and development of this new facility.

We are anxious to share the drawings with you, but we are still quite a ways away from being finished.

My son, Dallas, was finally cleared to begin full contact participation on his basketball team. As some of you know, he fractured his knee cap and has missed the last 8 weeks. He will be playing tonight at Crossroads High School in an attempt to integrate back into the games with Campbell Hall. Please keep him in your prayers. God is trying to work in Dallas’ life and mold him into being a servant.

One last thing… we now have binders available at the counter that are designed to hold your sermon notes. We are punching holes in your notes each week that will enable you to keep and store your notes each week. I want to thank Angie and Carla, two of my assistants, for working on this particular project.

Ahhhhhhh one more thing. 🙂 Be sure to check out our NEW CHURCH WEBSITE DESIGN.
Our tech guys did an incredible job in giving

a new look.

I’ll see you this weekend with your Bible and a visitor.



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