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Been busy promoting the North American Christian Convention. www.gotonacc.org Hope that you will plan on joining us July 5-8th in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Just got back from Savannah, Georgia where I spoke at the “Next Level Conference” and also spoke for my dear friend Cam Huxford at the growing Savannah Christian Church. http://twitter.com/pastordudley

Next, I traveled to St.Louis Christian College and spoke at a leadership/ministry class and then spoke in their Chapel service. The young man leading worship looked just like Jeff Gordon. Dr. Guthrie Veech is a president that is helping lead in the area of diversity. He was a gracious host.

This weekend we will be studying “Lavishness” in our weekend services. Looking at 9 traits of the early church that seem to be missing in today’s church.

Been reading a book called “Radical” by David Platt and it IS Radical. Stretching me and knocking me upside the head at the same time.

I have two books, maybe three in the hopper… First is the book “UNLEASHED: The church turning the world upside down” which will be out in May or June. We have the 9 speakers for this year’s NACC who have all submitted a chapter. It will be a blessing to all who read it..

Then I just agreed to a contract with REGAL PUBLISHING to do a book called “God has an app for that”… Which will be ready by January/February 2012.

Finally, I have a book that a friend of mine and I are completing. It’s a travel guide for the Holy Land. Can’t wait till you see and read through this guide book. I have taken 7 tours to the Holy Land and hope to take my 8th trip in 2012. Let me know if you want to go with me, we’ll put you on the list.

If you ever visit the Holy Land, you’ll want to take this book with you to enhance your trip.

Family is doing great and Church is still praying for a Miracle in the Making www.miracleinthemaking.com

Easter is around the corner and hopefully our parking structure will be completed by then.

Still trying to figure out how to use FB and Twitter to help expand the Kingdom of God. I know that there are MILLIONS who live in these “social networking circles” who need to find Jesus. It is an untapped galaxy of folks who need salvation. I hope to tap into it to spread the “Good News”.

Check back soon… and I will post some NACC video’s…




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