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First, I am still on cloud 9 over the 4th of July services. Notes continue to stream in from the public thanking us for the fireworks and services. Hats off to my staff who continues to go BEYOND the call of duty in serving and loving on behalf of Jesus.

We are currently in a series called, “I heard it Through the Grapevine,” and we have three messages left beginning this weekend. The message, “Rumor has it… We were ONCE a Christian Nation,” was a much needed message, and I want to encourage you to pick up a copy of this sermon if you were not present this past weekend.

Many have asked if they can buy a copy of the FLAG VIDEO that preceded this week’s message, and I want to let you know that it will be available this weekend at the Call On Jesus counter, or you can purchase it online at http://www.callonjesus.com/

Today is the service for Michael Jackson. I am soooooooooooo torn on my feelings. I know that he was a great entertainer but forgive me for NOT being able to seperate his music from the life he lived and from things that I have seen and heard HIM say on videos. I am all for honoring people for their accompishments. I really am. I also understand the world and the media focusing on his life, and it’s tragic anytime anyone dies and I wish he were still alive.

But I just want to remind everyone that there is ONLY ONE KING.
It’s not Michael Jackson and it’s not Elvis and it’s not Lebron James.

Jesus Christ is the KING of KINGS, and he is NOT dead, He is alive, He has risen from the dead, and if you put your trust in HIM you will have EVERLASTING life.

Don’t forget August is the month that I usually take a couple of weeks for vacation and a couple of weeks where I am working to plan the next year’s theme and sermons. It is imperative that you remain faithful and keeping supporting the church and its mission.

We also are having a Revival this fall, and you will hear more of this in September. Start praying now that God would have a special blessing for our church this fall.

And as I close, do NOT forget to put your trust in GOD and NEVER IN MAN. Be blessed in all you do.



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