A Great Crew and the Blue Crew

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We have perhaps the best maintenance crew of any church in America. These guys are HARD WORKERS and they have the BEST attitudes. They are a personal blessing to me and our church is INDEBTED to this crew. They do more than just clean, they keep our campus looking BRAND NEW, as though it was built just last week.

A few days ago, a man in our church, named Tom Ellsworth, DONATED to our church a sky box at Dodger Stadium and pastor Tim decided to take the maintenance crew down to the ball game and quite a game it turned out to be. I think the Dodgers won in the 11th or 12th inning over the New York Mets.

I ran down there for just a little while just to show my appreciation to the entire crew. I want to thank Tom for donating the sky box and I think it was one of the coolest things EVER for this CREW to to be able to go down and watch the BLUE CREW.

Thank you Kate, Gary and the WHOLE team. You are a blessing to us all.



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