9.11 Anniversary Memorial at Shepherd of the Hills Church

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Teary eyed, I made my way out to the memorial knowing that all of those flags, which really seem like too many to actually count, each stood for one of the victims of 9/11. They were color- coordinated. Red is for the firemen and on those that were part of the Emergency Response Team. Blue ribbons stand for the police officers. Green ribbons highlight the men and women in our military who died in the Pentagon. Yellow ribbons represent civilians who died in the towers, and purple ribbons mark those who were on one of the four airplanes.

Here are the exact numbers:
37 Port Authority
125 Pentagon
246 Airplanes
343 Fire Department – FDNY
2606 in the World Trade Center Towers
Total of 2977.
The pictures above are pictures of the flags that we put in front of our church this weekend. There is one for each of the 2977 victims with ribbons flying. We placed them four flags deep, and it is the length of almost THREE football fields. I know….. because I measured it myself.
And today we are giving 9.11% of our offering to help start churches in New York City.
May you take a moment today to honor them.

They are NOT just numbers. These were normal people like you and I who went to work ten years ago, people who loved their families, country and community. And terrorists decided to take their lives and change our country forever.

My prayer is that God would bring comfort and provision to each of their families, asking that they would never be forgotten.
Praying that God would protect our nation and that this nation would once again seek His protection.
Praying that each person reading this blog will say a prayer for our military, members of our police and fire departments, our government, and our President.
Praying that each of us would humbly bow before our heavenly Father and simply worship Him.

Then live your life in such a way that it brings honor to God, to country and to those 2977 who lost their lives on that fateful day.



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