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Wow… This past Sunday marked the 20th year of my ministry here at the Church. I moved out here from Des Moines, Iowa on Father’s Day, 1987. Can you believe that??? That was a long long long time ago, but I am just as excited about the next 20 years as I was about the past 20 years.

I know that I really don’t know HOW many years the Lord will tarry….but every year he gives me, I want to use it to the fullest…. I want to thank EACH of you who have been here along the journey….. It’s kinda amazing to be listening to the same preacher for 20 years…. I really think you deserve some type of an award or a reward for listening to the same guy, week in and week out.

Please accept my gratitude in stating what an incredible privilege it has been working side by side in ministry with each of you…

In love..



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