The Power of One

The Scribe and His Scrolls - 06.23.19



The Scribe and His Scrolls - 06.23.19

Speaker: Pastor Dudley Rutherford

Father's Day Weekend - 06.16.19

Former Major League Baseball player, Darryl Strawberry, shares a message of redemption and restoration only made possible by God's grace through Jesus...
Speaker: Darryl Strawberry

The Soldier and His Spoils - 06.09.19

In Joshua chapters six and seven, the Israelites were on the cusp of entering the Promised Land. God had just given them a tremendous victory at the B...
Speaker: Pastor Dudley Rutherford

The Daughter and Her Basket - 06.02.19

On this special weekend at Shepherd Church highlighting foster care and adoption, Pastor Dudley Rutherford preaches on the courage of three women (Mos...
Speaker: The Power of One

The Captain and His Ship - 05.26.19

How we share God's truth is as important as what we share. Five truths we learn from Noah's story in Genesis 6:1-22 are still as true today, and there...
Speaker: Pastor Dusty Frizzell

The Boy And His Lunchbox - 05.19.19

Little is always more when it is placed in Jesus' hands. What do you need to give Him today? It doesn't matter how young or old you are; how much or h...
Speaker: Pastor Dudley Rutherford

A Judge and Her Calling - 05.12.19

Deborah was a godly woman in the middle of godlessness as her country, Israel, was seeped in sin, idolatry, and oppression. But God hand-picked Debora...
Speaker: Dr. Sam Kojoglanian