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5 Things Every Believer Needs to Know

If you are a parent, you probably know what it is like to have a persistent son or daughter continually ask you for something they want. It could be a brand new toy or an athletic shoe that just came out on the market. It could be permission to go to a party or a concert with friends. Right or wrong, the child can become relentless in asking because they feel that the desired item…

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What is Grace Worth?

Have you ever thought about the number of awards, accolades, and achievements we strive for in our world today? It starts at an early age with our children. Go into any proud parent’s home and you will often find a small area of the house—perhaps a book shelf or a hallway wall—decorated with a plethora of participation awards and trophies from their child’s various activities. If you are filmmaker, there are approximately 95 awards you…

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5 Keys to Kindness

The phrase one another appears 59 times in the New Testament of the Bible as it pertains to how we ought to treat each other. Forgive one another, love one another, honor one another, live in harmony with one another, and serve one another— just to name a few. Two particular instances I’d like to focus on in this article, due to their timeliness and relevance, are accept and be kind to one another. First,…

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15 Ways to Pray for One Another

“How should I pray?” This is a question I have been asked many times as a pastor. I have shared with people that praying is like having a conversation with God. If you were talking with a close friend over coffee, you would probably express gratitude, worries and concerns, hopes and plans, and—if you’re really honest—your regrets and where you hope to improve. You would ask your friend for advice. You would also pause and…

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