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This stuff drives me crazy…. We have to get this system fixed. Don’t we have ANYBODY who can run for office and stop the wasteful spending and get rid of all the red tape. I believe that God has called us to be STEWARDS of all of our resources. I saw this article today and wanted to share it with you. I…

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Burning the Quran?

Although I firmly do NOT believe in the Quran, and even though I firmly believe that Jesus is the ONLY way to salvation for all mankind, I believe it’s wrong to have a National Quran Burning Day. A Pastor named Terry Jones from a small church in Florida is planning such an event. And although there are MANY things that are WRONG…

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Check out The Vine

Did you know that we have a group of college-aged adults who meet every Sunday in the sanctuary at 6:30 pm? The Vine is our Sunday night service led by Pastor Phil Allen, and its mission to promote transforming growth among a generation of young believers through biblical teaching, missions and discipleship. If you are a young adult, I hope you will get involve in The Vine very soon. Check out this video, which will…

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Standing up for the Church

I know that there are many reasons and excuses why people do not attend church faithfully. I know that as long as man is involved, that the church will always have her flaws. I totally get that on any given Sunday, there are 1000 other things to do, than to take the time to gather…

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