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Dudley's Blog

Beach Baptisms 2010

It was another amazing and emotional day at the beach, as close to 200 men, women, and children, young and old, were baptized intot he name of the Lord Jesus. Check out this video: Beach Baptism Revised from Call On Jesus on Vimeo.

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Mike and Lucille Williams

Just a quick word on the BEST children’s pastor in AMERICA. Mike and Lucille (aka Sarah Palin) Williams have been serving here at Shepherd for more than 8 years. Mike oversees birth through 5th grade and has a team of dedicated staff and volunteers that enable him to lead close to 1200 children each weekend…

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Pictures before our 4th of July Celebration

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Valley Forge

Winter of 1777 George Washington got down on his knees and prayed asking for God’s blessing. It was the turning point of the Revolutionary War.

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