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Dudley's Blog

It’s a bit crazy!

What I’ve learned so far about having a book published is that the marketing is primarily left up to you as an author. In that process, we need to promote and get the word out ourselves because book publishers are hurting, primarily due to technology. They have told me that there use to be 4000 book stores and now there are…

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A letter my dad wrote to my mother for their 59th Anniversary

Patsy Lou, Happy 59th wedding anniversary! That old granddaddy clock has written on its face, “tempus fugit,” which means “time flies.” I knew it was quick, but now it seems like we’re having Christmas three times…

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Recently, Frank Pastore and KKLA 99.5 FM asked me to guest host for a couple of nights and I anxiously agreed. Many people don’t know that I hosted my own radio program during my college days at Ozark Christian College in Joplin MO. There is something about radio, television and technology and social media that warms my heart in regards to…

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My true love gave to me…the greatest gift of all

If asked you what the best gift you received 10 years ago was, what would you say? For a few of you, the image of that perfect gift popped into your mind right away. But I would guess it is taking most you a while to recall. That special gift from long ago might have been a bicycle or set of golf clubs you longed for, a puppy, Lakers tickets, a beautiful sweater, or a…

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